15 June 2016

Mid-year Update

Let me jump right in and give you a taste of what's going on here in South Africa. 

One of my favorite streets in Capricorn! Pray for this beautiful community!

Many of you have asked about my VISA situation and the result of the work permit appeal. I have NO NEWS. My application is still pending. While the uncertainty can be frustrating, it’s not consuming. I’ve been so thankful that I can continue to be in ministry and serve my community in this wait. God has been so good to continue to build on His work and my presence in Capricorn. Everyday I pray for God’s provision in strength and patience until His perfect timing. I promise to let you know as soon as I know more!

I’m developing new relationships with multiple small churches in Capricorn. Alongside a few others, we’re helping pastors connect, get to know each other and team up for the greater good of our community and the Body of Christ! We’re at the early stages of this church-unity-work, but it’s exciting to be on the ground floor and getting inside and outside people involved in Justice work in Capricorn!
I'm attending a church outside of Capricorn, and it's been a place of great refuge and peace for me. I'm involved in a small group and getting involved in the early stages of helping this large church do justice in their surrounding communities of need! There's lots of work to be done and I'm honored to be a small part. 

Our mentoring ministry that was launched in January (http://www.melaniedill.com/GROW) has truly taken off and we’re seeing girls grow in spiritual and educational goals. In short, our mentors commit to journeying with 2-4 young girls for a year. Each girl makes 3 BIG goals for the year; we break the year into 3 month increments and have smaller goals to reach their large growth goal. At each 3 month period, if the girl reaches her milestones, we CELEBRATE. We spend an afternoon talking about their strides and thank God for His help to get to their goals (see photos below). Each mentee is doing so well. Deep relationships and trust have been built. The GROW concept and strategic planning continues to be developed and tested in this South African context, and one day in the future I hope to roll it out in other communities and churches in this country! Pray for the mentors and mentees that play a big part in this foundation-building-year! 

Volunteering at the primary school and investing in this art project continues to be quite the fun challenge and a unique way serve Capricorn! Our art team has grown so much (teaching children and adults) and we’ve got many more hands to serve our children. This means there are more adult teachers to love and minister to as well! I’m honored to be part of this initiative and the wide range of secular connections I’m making in our community and all over Cape Town. God continues to show me my bigger purpose in these new places and I’m praying He will use me in this environment for His glory!

Thanks to you all for your love, support and prayers. This South African journey continues to be wild and unexpected, but with God all things are secure! I’ll keep you posted and try to do better with updating more frequently on the blog. Life has gotten a bit busy but in a very great way!


Butterfly Art Project, Community Art Facilitators course in Newlands -
teaching adults to lead vulnerable children through therapeutic art mediums!

Butterfly Art Project, Community Art Facilitators course in Capricorn -
art therapy concepts!

Taking some of my girls to church! 

FREEDOM DAY in Cape Town. Bumped into a peaceful protest.

FREEDOM DAY PROTEST in downtown Cape Town.
This country has a long history of beautiful justice fights.
On this public holiday, many returned to the streets to fight for a better, free, South Africa.

GROW CELEBRATION! Laurina & Tanika!

Grow Celebration snack. All they wanted to do for their celebration was to
have a Mugg & Bean large muffin! They were so precious and loved their
little outing to the mall. 

One of my newest friends in Capricorn and GROW.
Celebrating goals met. Outing to Muizenberg!

My little Mia during one of our weekly tutoring sessions.
Report on Nelson Mandela! 

Meagan and Mel at a rugby game in May.
It was Meagan's first live rugby game, my second.
We loved every minute. I'm so thankful for this South African sister!

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