24 August 2016

A creative, fun few months

To catch you up on missions in Capricorn, South Africa ... July/August 2016

street art in Capricorn during July school holidays

the simple joys of chalk! 

oil pastels ... building relationships in the streets

budding artist ... look at that stance!

art in the park

My Butterfly Art Project interns from Germany and the Netherlands.
All have said farewell by now, but boy did we have fun while they were here! 

God's promises over my community!
#CapricornSouthAfrica #CapricornPrimarySchool

This little one got mail from her GROW prayer partner!

This little one LOVES being in the kitchen with me.
Look at her precious school uniform and her bacon-wrapped-dates!

Found Gherkin like this one morning. Yes she sleeps in the bed! ;)

GROW mentoring birthday party. Girls love good food and a good chat!

SMBC sent a care package. I'm honored to have a church family that supports missions!
This one got to help me make American, Betty Crocker Brownies!

Forgive the blog silence. Its been a wild few months. There are some great photo updates that happen on my twitter feed (https://twitter.com/trulymeldill) much more regularly than the blog these days. Check them out and follow this beautiful, South African mission!

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