06 February 2017

2017 is moving quickly

Dear friends and family following this mission in South Africa, 

I arrived back in South Africa from a quick visit to the USA early January. Ever since my landing, I feel I've been in fast-forward, moving so fast that I can't quite keep up. Forgive the blog silence, but hopefully many of you have seen the Instagram posts and my efforts to semi-frequently give you a peak into my life and ministry here in SA! 

2017 promises to again be a year of CHANGE. I'm getting a little tired of all the change, but when you see God's hand in it, you can't help but move along and roll with it! His purpose makes it all right. 

To keep a long list of ministry responsibilities short, here are my mission goals for 2017:

- “Be the bridge,” helping others understand mission and community development
- Use my gifts in art and administration to serve South Africa
- Support the wider effort of “church strengthening” in South Africa, personally offering leadership in Mentoring/Discipleship, Bible Study, Missions and Community/Leadership Development in vulnerable communities
- Help girls GROW: encouraging girls and young women in educational, social, and spiritual goals in order to serve the Body of Christ well.

I've got some exciting news and plans ahead. I'm going to need lots of prayer and support to accomplish this God-size vision. More on this to come, but I'd love prayers for strength, provision and favor with God and man! 

Here are just a few photos from the last month to give you an update:

Common Ground Church 20 year birthday picnic!

My girl enjoying the church birthday picnic and jumping castles!

My Capricorn granny's 70th birthday.
We took her to a creche (preschool) so they could sing happy birthday to her!

Maggie's 70th birthday costume party!

My view in Capricorn everyday.
Gosh I love this place. My heart lives here.

Catching up with old ministry friends and laborers in the field ... Basil and Blanche

Train the Trainer - Community Art Facilitators with BAP in Capricorn

Andrew and I are immersed in the art-world because of our jobs. His work puts on lots of amazing art events that he gets to attend. This is us at an exhibition downtown last month. Excited to see where God takes us with these relationships and new spheres of influence.

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